Jun 29, 2014

Hypertufa Workshop

Hypertufa Workshop
Garden Ornament Workshops at Cypress Gardens
 Learn to make garden ornaments with Portland cement at a workshop scheduled at Cypress Garden
August 15-16

The Hypertufa Workshop is Saturday morning 9 A.M to 11:30 A.M. Learn how to make molds and mix tufa cement. Students will make a stepping stone and a flower pot that will end up looking like old tufa stoneware.  Return Sunday 1P.M to unmold your projects and learn concrete carving and finishing techniques. $35. Limited to 15 students. 5$ off for active volunteers.

To sign up or get more info call Loretta 843-553-0515  or    www.cypressgardens.info  or http://cypressgardener.blogspot.com/ for more info .

Wear old clothes, bring rubber gloves, bring broken china, marbles, tiles, sea glass, pebbles if you have them, if not we have plenty of stuff to decorate your stepping stones and pot. 

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