May 30, 2016

Daisy Fleabane

Carolina Wildflower Daisy Fleabane

In late spring soft clouds of lavender pink flowers float above unkempt yards and roadsides. Closer inspections reveals a tiny daisy like flower. I have often wondered about the origins of the common name for Erigeron annuus. The flower looks like a daisy and it is in the Composite family with other daisies, but does it repeal fleas? I have never had anyone tell me that Daisy Fleabane does repel fleas, but then again I have never noticed any fleas near it.  This dainty little wildflower can be found throughout the U.S in poor but moist soils.  Around here, Daisy Fleabane is not found in dry sandy areas, but it is common around farm fields.  That is a good thing because the flowers are used by many native pollinators. If they come up in your lawn, please let them finish blooming before mowing.

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