Jul 4, 2013

Garden Ornaments Workshops -Hypertufa

 Learn to make garden ornaments with Portland cement at two workshops scheduled at Cypress Gardens August 15-16  
The Hypertufa Workshop is Saturday morning 9 A.M to 11:30 A.M. Learn how to make molds and mix tufa cement. Students will make a stepping stone and a flower pot that will end up looking like old tufa stoneware.  Return Sunday 11 A.M to  2 P.M to unmold your projects and learn concrete carving and finishing techniques. $35. Limited to 15 students.

On Saturday afternoon learn the art of Sand-Casting Leaves.  Using real leaves collected from Cypress Gardens as molds. Wednesday 1P.M to 3 P.M. mix Portland cement and cast 4leaves. Sunday 1-3pm unmold your leaves and learn to trim and paint

them.  Large leaves make great bird baths and small leaves make good soap dishes or wall art.  $30  Limited to 18 students.
.To sign up or get more info call Loretta 843-553-0515  or    www.cypressgardens.info  for more info

What to bring-  both workshops, lunch; drinks, rubber or latex gloves, dust mask, apron  or  wear old work clothes, safety glasses , screwdrivers, glass marbles, Angle grinder, plastic drop cloth, cardboard box to take stuff home.
For hypertufa , bring sea glass, polished stones, broken pottery, flat sea shells, old flower pots, plastic bowls, old Styrofoam boxes and coolers. (all optional ) we have stepping stone molds shaped like butterflies, fish and turtles just keep this in mind . We also have letter and number stamps if you are making a memorial stone.
For sandcast leaf workshop bring masonary files, dremel with tile cutting bit, drywall saw 

(We have some of these things but not enough to go around, so if you can bring your own that would be great) 
see the hypertufa page http://cypressgardener.blogspot.com/p/making-hypertufa.html

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