Apr 21, 2013

Old Garden Roses

Antique Rose will be in peak spring bloom from late April to the end of May.
The Heritage Garden collection features Noisettes, Climbers and Tea Roses. The Rose Garden next to the Gift Shop has Teas, and Shrubs Roses with Lamarne as a background.
The Wedding Garden has Teas, Chinas and Polyanthus. Lady Banks Rose both yellow and white can be found near bridges and other structure throughout the gardens.
Some of the repeat rose will bloom through the summer and the second big flush of blooms is in October and November.
Our Roses, Lady Banks-Yellow & White, single & double(Cl), Cherokee(Cl), Chestnut rose (R.roxburghii), Swamp (carolina), Fortuniana,Chinas - Louis Phillippe, Napoleon, Martha Gonzales Ducher, Vincent Godsiff, Mutabilis, Old Blush, Pink Pet, Spice, Rouletii.Souv. de St.Anne's,Tea Roses -Mne Berkeley, Mne Joseph Swchartz, Safrano, Mrs.B.RCant, Mrs.Dudley Cross, Bridesmaid, Duchesse de Brabant, Polyanthas-The Fairy, Marie Pavie, Cecile Brunner, La Marne, Perle d'Or Shrubs-Dortmand, Sally Holmes, Carefree Beauty, Gartendirector Otto Linne, Armada, Lavender Dream,Hybrid Musk-Belinda(Cl), Ballerina(Cl), Penelope, Prosperity, Mozart, Kathleen. Others Veilchenbau(Cl), Red Cascade(Cl), Silver Moon(Cl), New Dawn(Cl), Dr.Van Fleet(Cl), Caldwell Pink, Clair Matin, Gourmet Popcorn,Knockouts, Red, Yellow and Rainbow.

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