Mar 16, 2012

New Plants to Try

Frosty Fern (Selaginella krausianna variegatus), African Clubmoss, A fast-growing, creeping house plant whose stems quickly reach a foot long or more. The stems root wherever they touch the soil. Do not let this plant escape in your garden. The stems are bright green marked with white edges. Not a true fern, but it does produce spores instead of seeds, like a fern. Relative of clubmosses like running cedar. Try it in corsages and small designs.

Rattlesnake Plant (Calathea lancifolia) or (C. insignis)
One of the very best indoor ornamental houseplants, “Rattle Snake Calathea” has long, medium green leaves with dark decorative spots. The undersides of the leaves are deep purple. A beautiful accent plant for the home or garden, Calathea lancifolia grows to 20” tall. This one is the most resistant to tip-and-edge-browning, being virtually free of that cultural issue. As with others in this family, keep the soil evenly moist and grow in a well-drained potting mix.

Triostar (Stromanthe sanguinea 'Triostar')

This calathea relative is sold under the names ‘Tricolor’ but it also known as Tricolor Stromanthe or Triostar Ginger.
Stromanthe a genus of 13 species of evergreen, rhizomatous herbaceous perennials from forest floors in Central and South America. Stromanthe is compact and low-growing like Maranta prayer plants, but the foliage is marked with the distinct tracery of Calathea with which it is easily confused. Part sun to full shade , It needs even moist soil and the air must be moist. Survived the winter on James Island.

Pink Rhoeo (Rhoeo discolor or Tradescantia bicolor). Variegated Moses-in-the-cradle. A native to Tropical Central America. Prefers full sun to part shade, the coloration of the leaves will be most distinct in full sun. Small white flowers form nestled in the leaves which resemble little boats. Makes a great ground cover. Tolerates light shade and filtered light
Keep evenly moist -avoid over-watering, Feed lfertilizer lightly every 14 days, water moderately and mist when leaves appear dry. Great indoor plant; keep out of warm or cold drafts. Hardy in zones 8b-10. Hardy to 27 degrees F. Can be heavily mulched for winter and cut back hard in Spring. Survives winters at Cypress Gardens.

Aglaonema 'RedGold'

A evergreen perennial from tropical forest in Asia. The leaf blades are borne on long, sheathing leaf stalks from a central growing point. The aglaonemas (the Chinese Evergreen) are grown for their large and colourful foliage. Aglaonemas tolerate some shade. In winter it requires warm and moist air. Aglaonema 'Redgold' is a low growing cultivar having broad medium green leaves heavily marked with yellow spots and red to red-pink veins and midribs.
Curly Whurly Rush
Needs to be in a very wet location. Good for small designs.
Dwarf Cyprus, Needs to be in a very wet location or in water, may not be cold hardy. 

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