Aug 11, 2010

Butterflies Aug. 11, 2010

I saw these butterflies while I was taking photos for Cypress Gardens Volunteers Facebook page.Queen, Julia Long Wing, Southern White and Balck Swallowtail


  1. We want to start a butterfly garden. Any suggestions for what to plant (has to be hearty and can survive in spite of me!)

  2. It would help to know where you live. Butterflies need two types of plants - nectar and larva host plants Caterpillar food). Good nector flowers are zinnias,salvias, porter weed, buddleja,and lantana. the caterpillar plants depend on the butterflies in your area. But in eastern North America- milkweeds, passion flower, parsley, Queen Ann's lacy, beans, and cassias are good for many butterflies. You also need full sun and good drainage for many of these plants. Butterflies also like mud puddles.