Feb 24, 2010

Spring Flower Show

Breath of Spring Flower Show March 6-7
"A Carolina Breath of Spring Flower Show” at Cypress Gardens.
The fourth annual Breath of Spring Flower Show is presented by Belle Isle Garden Club, Camellia Garden Club of Greater Charleston, Garden Club of Otranto and Town and Village Garden Club.
The horticulture division features camellias and daffodils along with other spring blooming plants. The division is being expanded this year to include container plants.
There is a new section for plant containers not normally used as flower pots and another for containers made of recycled materials. Come see the creative ideas gardeners have come up with.
The design division will include miniature arrangement, floor designs, table settings, and hanging designs.
The horticulture division is open to the general public for entries of blooming plants. Please bring your horticulture entries on Friday March 5 from 9-12 . Judging will begin at 1 pm. To learn more, visit www.gardencentral.org/gcsc/cgcgcflowershows/events and click on the Cypress Gardens Flower Show to download the flower show schedule, or call Laurette Sweet (843) 312-9169 for more information. At the bottom of this page there is a slide show of last year’s flower show.

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